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Listen To A New Album Of Armenian Industrial Music

Listen To A Chilling Album Of Armenian-Tinged Industrial Music Lusia Kazaryan-Topchyan armenian industrial music

Margenrot explores her Armenian roots to craft an inventive album of stripped-down experimental sounds.

Eastern Europe has a proud tradition of genre-defying, politically-informed industrial music. Siberian-born musician Lusia Kazaryan-Topchyan pulls from this heritage, but looks even further afield—as well as way back in time—for musical inspiration.

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Formerly a member of iconic post-punk band Fanny Kaplan, Kazaryan-Topchyan now performs solo as Margenrot. Taking its name from an historic Armenian province, her new album Zangezur is a pensive reimagining of her own Armenian roots, and it attempts to fuse the nation’s unique musical character with more modern electronic musical styles. With its arresting scales and melodies, it definitely makes for an absorbing listen. Check it out above and find out more about the album at Calvert Journal here.

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