Listen To Objekt's New ASMR-Triggering Post-Techno Single "Lost And Found (Found Mix)"

Listen To Objekt’s New ASMR-Triggering Post-Techno Single “Lost And Found (Found Mix)”

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The latest single from Objekt’s new album Cocoon Crush is futuristic electronic composition at its best.

Is there a more highly-anticipated album rounding out 2018 than Objekt’s Cocoon Crush? TJ Hertz’s last LP, Flatland, melted minds back in 2014 thanks to its searing sound-design and wide-screen, synchronic compositions. Since then, Hertz has consistently eroded the rules of club music thanks to his impeccable productions and sprawling DJ sets.

Now, we have a chance to hear another single from his new album: a 2xLP due to release in November on PAN. Following the complex techno madness of “Secret Snake”, we now have the slowly-meandering, bleary-eyed ambience of “Lost and Found (Found Mix)”.

The introspective and intricate new single continues to draw from organic sounds, morphing and mutilating them into a complex synthetic-acoustic sonic mood. It’s further indication that Cocoon Crush will likely be popping up on a few best-of lists come the end of the year.

Listen to the track in full above. Cocoon Crush drops via PAN on November 9 and can be pre-ordered here

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