These Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Remixes Of Mario And Zelda Soundtracks Will Help You “Relax/Study”

"Mario & Chill" and "Zelda & Chill" are exactly what they sound like.

There’s no shortage of music for concentration and relaxation on the internet. In fact, there’s an entire genre of amorphous chill-hop that’s emerged from 24/7 radio channels on YouTube. Sometimes, though, you want something a little more familiar, like amorphous chill-hop taken from your favorite video games.

For times like those, we recommend these two Nintendo remix albums. Titled Zelda & Chill and Mario & Chill respectively, they rework the most memorable tracks from these legendary franchises into smooth ’90s electronica and instrumental hip-hop.

German beat-maker Mikel is responsible for transforming the Zelda soundtrack, while synthwave artist Helynt has converted Mario’s sound world into dreamy lo-fi atmospheres. Check them out above, and then for more music like this check out the GameChops YouTube channel.