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This Massive Archive Of Weird Discogs Lists Will Keep You Busy For At Least 30 Minutes

horse-covers discogs lists

Judge an album by its cover.

The amount of brilliant music to discover can be pretty daunting. It’s not getting any easier either, with Discogs adding four to five thousand releases a day to its already-sprawling catalogue.

Sometimes, you might need find a new way to traverse the world’s musical riches. Not based on name, date or place of release. Something more arbitrary. Something weirder.

We recommend checking out these weird Discogs lists compiled by user “gatogato”, for example. The user has compiled a huge amount of album lists based on the visuals that grace their covers, from sunflowers and crowns to weapons, spaceships or DJ turntables. Its the perfect visual guide through the world of sound—one where new age rubs up against techno and folk and modern classical sit next to house and drone.

Follow the link above to go down the unorthodox musical rabbit hole now.

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