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This MIDI Controller Lets You Make Beats In Virtual Reality

AliveInVR is a new VR controller for Ableton that lets you immerse yourself in the production experience.

Do you like music production and gaming so much that you want to do both at the same time? Well, you’re not the first. The creators of AliveInVR, a new virtual reality MIDI controller, had exactly the same thought. Their cool program lets you enter the world of Ableton Live and trigger clips, play instruments and mix with a giant MIDI interface with your hands to control the software’s nearly endless parameters. You can even pick up and move sounds in space, play and mute scenes and navigate between tracks with the swipe of your hand. Despite AliveInVR’s undeniable entertainment value, it also endows users with a sophisticated, tactile and immersive set of tools with which to interact with their music. You can watch the demo below and download it for yourself here. MIDI control nerds can also check out Kraftwerk’s rare MIDI glove, the Doepfer MOGLI, which they used in shows throughout the 1990s.


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