Mouse On Mars Live At Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Mouse On Mars Live At Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

We captured the legendary duo as they graced Hamburg’s new acoustic wonder, the Elbphilharmonie.

Telekom Electronic Beats TV has seen a lot of brilliant concerts  in its time, but it’s hard to imagine one as rich and unique as Mouse on Mars at Hamburg’s spectacular Elbphilharmonie from earlier this year. The new concert hall is one of the most acoustically-advanced buildings ever built, and every square inch was filled with the infinitely rich organic and electronic textures of Mouse on Mars’ performance of their new album, Dimensional People.

Accompanied by a full ensemble of horns, strings, vocals and percussion, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma gave a rendition of the album that we will never forget. Luckily, we captured the magic, so you at home can get a glimpse of this special concert. Check out the video above, then be sure to check out the documentary we shot with Mouse on Mars on the making of Dimensional People below.

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Photo by Peter Hundert

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