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We Have ~ No ~ Idea Why Nobody Liked This Goofy '80s Harmonica Synthesizer


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“The Millioniser 2000: it comes from tomorrow, but it’s here, today.”

From a certain perspective, the history of electronic music equipment reads like an ever increasing pile of whacky, wild and failed ideas (remember the Capacitance vinyl film disc, anyone?). But consider the Millioniser 2000: a MIDI-compatible synthesizer played like a harmonica that could  have only been conceived during the confusion of ’80s  music culture.

To be honest, we really can’t understand why the Millioniser ended up in the dustbin of electronic instruments. Because, as you’ll see in the video above, it’s quite the gadget. Using the breath controller, performers dynamically control—in both mono- and polyphonic modes—a host of preset sounds, synths and software. As the wonderfully epic promo video above declares, “There’s never been an instrument so versatile and yet so small.”

Is it time for a Millioniser revival? We think so. So start practicing your circular breathing, and hunt down your nearest Millioniser before prices start to skyrocket. Need some inspiration? Head to the Millioniser2000 website to watch people blow synth like you’ve never seen before.

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