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Listen To object blue’s Visceral Experimental Ambient Deconstruction Of Murlo’s “Limbo”

object blue

"Limbo (object blue's Flashback)" is part of an ongoing remix series of Murlo's LP 'Dolos'.

object blue is one of the most unique voices in electronic music.

The London-based artist first garnered attention through her EP Do you plan to end a siege? for Tobago Tracks—a dance floor-focused project that modernized sounds of techno and industrial. Her latest release, however, last month’s FIGURE BESIDE ME, showed a less club-friendly and more dramatic, personal side of the artist’s work.

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object blue’s newest release, a remix for Murlo‘s graphic novel-slash-album Dolos—which we covered in depth in this feature—goes further down the rabbit hole. “Limbo (object blue’s Flashback)” deconstructs the original, using ambient drones, plucked arpeggios, blasts of noise and gutteral wails to paint a woozy, abstract soundscape. We’re not quite sure where to categorize this one; we just know you need to hear it.

Listen to the track above, and buy the track on Murlo’s Bandcamp here.