One To Watch: Gerald VDH

Gerald VDH is a Vienna-based DJ, producer, teacher and promoter. His MEAT Market party series is a cornerstone of the city's dance music scene.

Berlin may dominate much of the conversation when it comes to electronic dance music in the German-speaking world, but don’t discount Vienna. The Austrian capital has a vibe of its own, and it’s produced some of our favorite artists (Herrensauna resident CEM and Live From Earth rap star Yung Hurn come to mind).

The scene there is tight-knit, and one of the people who’s been pushing it forward is the star of this week’s episode of our ongoing “One To Watch” video series on our YouTube channel. Gerald VDH is a DJ, producer, teacher and founder of the city’s vaunted MEAT Market party series at Das Werk. Check out the video above. Scroll below to see a playlist featuring all the other episodes from this series.

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