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Paul Kalkbrenner Unleashes Classic Techno Mix Series

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Paul Kalbrenner’s new mix series is a beautiful trip down memory lane.

The illustrious Berlin techno personality, Paul Kalkbrenner, has just announced the launch of a new mix series. The Back to the Future project began when Kalkbrenner started hunting down a certain track he remembered from his youth. According to the project’s press release, the hunt instigated an endless “rabbit hole of thousands of YouTube playlists and posts, rediscovering the songs my friends and I would gather and listen to as 13 & 14 yr olds every Saturday in East Berlin on Radio DT64.” The project comes as a mix series trilogy and has taken 18 months to compile, find and edit. It’s whittled down from almost 5000 songs that Kalkbrenner found on YouTube during his quest.

The trilogy is not to be sold. Rather, Kalkbrenner calls it, “a labor of love, born of nostalgia.” And, like all classic mixtapes from back in the day, it should be shared and enjoyed. Plus, it has the added significance of being Kalkbrenner’s “personal history of electronic music arriving in Berlin.” Peep the tracklist below and zip back to the future.

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01. The Source Experience – The Source Experience
02. 280 West – Scattered Dreams
03. Quadrophonia – Warp Factor One
04. Nelson FFWD Cruz – My House
05. Frequency – Hey, Hey, Hey
06. DHS – House Of God
07. Acid Jesus – Fairchild
08. Master Techno – Red Religion
09. AUX 88 – Technology
10. 2 for Joy – Manic Joy
11. Chestnut – Pot Of Gold
12. LFO – LFO
13. Todd Terry – House Is A Feeling
14. Fingers Inc. – I’m Strong
15. 808 State – Pacific State
16. H&M – 88
17. Brain Pilot – C.N.S.
18. 2 Deeep – X-Pression
19. Studio X – Los Kings Del Mambo
20. Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony
21. The B-Sides – Reforced
22. Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath