Sign This Petition To Help Dresden’s Clubs Get Rid Of The City’s Restrictive Curfew Laws

There are almost half the number of required signatures for the policy to be changed.

The idea of implementing a curfew in the wee hours of the morning to secure order on the streets has its roots in the 15th century. But speak of a legislation that doesn’t fare too well with contemporary club culture. It doesn’t just vie with the dynamic of a typical club night—which often reaches its peak around 3am—but it’s also an economic nightmare for promoters who want to bring as many people as they can through the door.

Club owners from Dresden, Germany have now started a petition to get rid of the city’s existing curfew laws, which are forcing them to close between 5am and 6am. So far, it was signed by a little more than half of the minimum number of names needed to reverse the policy. To help them reach the total number of signatures needed to abolish the law, you can sign it here.

Last year, Leipzig’s city council abolished their curfew. Will Dresden be next? We sure hope so.