Explore The Sound Of Rominimal With This Big Playlist Of Essential Tunes

Play This Rominimal Playlist The Next Time You Feel Like Ricardo Villalobos In This Photo

Ricardo Villalobos

It will help.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re at a party for so long that reality seems to dematerialize and you lose track of who you are. For those kinds of occasions, nothing beats listening to endless amounts of long and loopy Romanian minimal tech-house.

The sound, called “rominimal“, is a particularly trippy strain that dominates the scene in Bucharest with long multi-day parties at venues like Club Guesthouse. The music orbits around the cult label [a:rpia:r] and its three principle figures, RhadooPetre Inspirescu & Raresh—is a significant dance floor force, and it’s helped to connect the dots between other quriky tech-house scenes, like that in Frankfurt and in Berlin.

Now, thanks to this playlist created by Spotify user Ali Sarvi, you can have this trippy sound at your finger tips any time and anywhere. As you’ll see, the list is not exclusive to Romania, but also includes artists connected to the scene there, like Ricardo Villalobos 😉