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This Playlist Collects The Best Acid Techno Tracks Of 2018

Roland TB-303 Packshot

Let acid rain in your brain.

Few things can do as much damage on a dance floor as a proper acid techno burner. Used properly in a set, an acid track can create a tunnelling wormhole, be a hypnotic interlude, or propel you out into wide open sonic spaces. It’s a DJ’s secret weapon. And if you’re looking to add some acid to your artillery, we suggest starting with the playlist below.

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Compiled by Spotfiy user “Aquaregia”, the playlist features over 50 cuts from artists like Tin Man, Donato Dozzy, Wata Igarashi, Thomas P Heckmann and 999999999—all of whom have made their name for redefining the scope and power of the TB-303. It’s the perfect introduction the many shades of acid that you can expect to hear moving dance floors now and far into the future. Listen to it above.