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Music Is The Ultimate Guide To All The Latest Psytrance Styles

ohm goa psytrance trance

Thought you knew a lot about trance music? Think again.

Trance is coming back in a big way, appearing in sludged-out mixes from Salon des Amateurs residents Vladimir Ivkovik and Lena Willikens as well as spun-out dance floor sets by SPFDJ. But if you thought you knew a lot about trance—and its cousin, psytrance—then think again.

The website is the ultimate hub for all kinds of trance styles. By browsing the page, you can discover various trance sub-genres, their BPM ranges, key characteristics, most renowned artists and notable labels. You can also preview some of the tracks most well-known within each sub-genre’s canon.

Didn’t know about psy tech-trance, Nitzhonot or psy-chill? Up your trance game and check all of these crazy sub-genres out on the website here.

Oh, and before you go, listen to this essential psytrance mix by DJ Mat Mushroom (now known as Doctor Shroom).

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