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Recommended: WRACK - 'Despertar 醒'

WRACK is a Tokyo-based experimental club producer and founder of the city's forward-thinking Chemical Monsters crew.

Some of the most exciting new sounds in club music are being made in Mexico City, and local imprint N.A.A.F.I has a lot to do with that. The label has done a lot to push Afro-Latin rhythms into the international underground club lexicon. The latest release on the imprint showcases just how far this sound has spread.

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WRACK‘s Despertar 醒 is the first release on N.A.A.F.I. by an artist from Asia. WRACK hails from Tokyo, and beyond being a producer, he’s also the founder of the city’s avant-garde Chemical Monsters crew, which regularly throws parties at different venues in the city (the collective’s next is a N.A.A.F.I showcase at Dimension). Though WRACK is based in Japan, you’d hardly know it, as the record is a chopped-up and ravey tour through mutant dembow rhythms.

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