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This Recording Of The Earth's Magnetic Field Sounds Like Something Ricardo Villalobos Would Play


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Last week we heard wind-swept Antarctic ice shelves that sounded like doom metal. This week, vibrations in Earth’s magnetic shield are making kooky tech-house atmospherics. Yes, physics always seems to find a way to musically blow our minds—not that we’re complaining when the results sound so weird.

Basically, the woozy filtered noise sound are waves created by vibrations in the magnetic shield that were originally caused by a solar storm. The vibrations resulting from the storm hitting the magnetic shield are so slow that they are inaudible, but some students took this recording and sped it up into audible range, condensing almost seven days of solar storms into seven seconds of twisted audio.

Listen and learn how the sound was created above. And don’t pretend like you’re not going to sample it.

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