Watch This Video If You Want To See Someone's "BIG REEL TO REEL COLLECTION"

Watch This Video If You Want To See Someone’s “BIG REEL TO REEL COLLECTION”

It's unbelievably big

Obviously, reel-to-reel machines are really cool.

You can sample with them, make drum kits out of them and, of course, create crumbling loops out of them.

That should be enough to earn your respect. But you’ll properly appreciate how deep this subculture is once you’ve seen how many designs and functionalities a reel-to-reel can have.

Arnold Besseling has taken to YouTube to proudly display the reel-to-reels that make up his collection. With over 15 different players from Philips, Akai, Telefunken, Sansui and Aristonas, he should be proud. I mean, that collection is BIG.

Check out all the beautiful machines in the video above.