The Video For DJ Seinfeld’s New Track Looks Like One Of Those Nightmarish “Surreal Memes”

"Electrician" is the lead single off DJ Seinfeld's new 'Galazy EP'.

Meme culture moves at about a mile a minute. Formats that were once cutting-edge can become completely passé within the span of a few days. (Please, let’s all take a moment to press “F” for American Chopper Argument memes, Fake history memes and “Weird Flex But OK”.) As memes fade away, they stand as a kind of testament to a specific moment.

One such faded meme format is the so-called “surreal meme”, which was seemingly everywhere in…we want to say 2017/2018. And now, it seems as though that same format has turned up in a video for DJ Seinfeld‘s “Electrician”, the lead single off of his new Galazy EP. It places a spastic reflective humanoid in a purple universe were the only other objects are floating shapes. The surreality suits the track’s tight electro almost perfectly. Watch the video above and then compare it with the surreal meme below.