Make Beats Like A DJ With Serato's New Production Software, Studio

Make Beats Like A DJ With Serato’s New Production Software, Studio

The software intends to bridge the gap between DJing and producing tracks.

DJs: Have you ever tried to make the jump to producing but been unable to find software that’s intuitive to your skill set?

Designed specifically with DJs in mind, Serato’s new program Studio was made to reduce the daunting learning curve in most DAWs like Ableton. It provides a simplified interface reminiscent of Serato DJ Pro and a workflow far more intuitive to regular users of DJing software.

Studio draws from users’ Serato DJ library, uploaded samples and built-in kits for its sound. These sounds are then painted into the step-sequencer to sketch out new track ideas. The software also boasts powerful time-stretching capabilities, algorithm-generated beat options, automatic key matching and slicing. More experienced producers can also use additional VSTs and plug-ins to further refine and craft sounds.

To find out more about Studio, watch the introductory videos above and below. You can subscribe to the service at the Serato Studio website here.