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Discover The Japanese City Pop-Inspired Sound Of '90s Shibuya-Kei With This Playlist


Shibuya-Kei sounds like a blend of smooth lounge, instrumental hip-hop and neon-hued '80s city pop.

You may have heard of Japan’s obscure fusion of synth-pop, boogie and disco known as city pop thanks to our extensive guide to the overlooked genre.

But did you know about city pop’s obscure ’90s microgenre off-shoot called Shibuya-kei?

With this new 340-track playlist you can begin to dive into this weird and wonderful musical world.

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Shibuya-kei is a listening experience like no other. Heavily indebted to city pop’s neon-hued glamour as well as incorporating elements of lounge, hip-hop and even euro dance, the microgenre emerged from Tokyo’s chic Shibuya district.

Consciously working within the aesthetics of kitsch and artifice while also championing the pastiche techniques of ’60s pop, Shibuya-kei is groovy, psychedelic and downright weird in equal measure. Enjoy the trip.