Deconstruction: Skinnerbox Analyze Krystal Klear's "Neutron Dance" – Telekom Electronic Beats

Deconstruction: Skinnerbox Analyze Krystal Klear’s “Neutron Dance”

This video will teach you how to make Krystal Klear's Italo-influenced 2018 club anthem.

Why do certain tracks make us move? Why is it that, from a seemingly bottomless pool of music using similar instruments and methods, do certain tracks stick with us more than others?

In a new series called “Deconstruction”, we try to answer these mysteries. The premise is simple: we ask electronic music producers to break down what makes certain club tracks so special.

The first episode features live electronics masters—and occasional TEB contributors, as can be seen below—Skinnerbox. We’ve given them the task of deconstructing Krystal Klear’s Italo disco banger “Neutron Dance”. The track, which we ought to note is not related to the Pointer Sisters song of the same name, was everywhere last year. We heard it in spaces as diametrically opposed as Amnesia Ibiza and Panorama Bar. In fact, it even made it to our list of 20 tracks that defined the Berlin club scene in 2018.

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