Steve Bug's Equipment and Approach

Steve Bug’s Equipment and Approach

We join the Poker Flat boss in the studio to see how he crafts his distinctive sound.

After well over two decades in the game, it’s hard to find a corner of house, tech house or techno that doesn’t bear the influence of Steve Bug—nor a style that the producer hasn’t mastered. Whether its his clinical minimal work outs or his homages to the deep house of Chicago and Detroit, the prolific producer and Poker Flat label head has a special knack for writing grooves that move dance floors at will. It’s a skill even more apparent on his 2018 album with Langenberg, Paradise Sold.

In our most recent Tech Talk, we join Steve Bug in his studio to better understand how he crafts his distinctive deep and dubby sound. There, he shows us how he uses his beloved Omega 8 synth and sequences his snappy drum patterns while breaking down how he continues to keep the studio process fresh and the creativity flowing.

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