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Take A First Look At The 'Ghost In The Shell' Soundtrack

Johnny Jewel, Tricky and Kenji Kawai are all featured on this big-screen remake of an anime classic.

Ghost In The Shell  is one of the year’s most hotly anticipated cinema releases. The film is the latest incarnation of a Japanese manga series that has spawned several anime films and video games, many of which have had highly influential soundtracks. We still have our copy of the techno-fueled soundtrack to the classic Playstation game, Ghost in the Shell: Megatech Body, which includes futuristic cuts from Joey Beltram, Derrick May and Claude Young.

Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell  is the de-facto soundtrack for the new film, and the full track listing has just been revealed. The movie’s producers chose to feature hard hitting electronic music producers that range from Steve Aoki to Gary Numan. You can scroll below for the full track list, and pre-order the album here.

Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell will be released at the end of March.


01. Kenji Kawai “Utai IV Reawakening” (Steve Aoki Remix)
02. Johnny Jewel “The Hacker”
03. Boys Noize “Cathryn’s Peak”
04. DJ Shadow “Scars” (feat. Nils Frahm)
05. Above & Beyond “Surge”
06. IO Echo “Aokigahara Forest”
07. Tricky “Escape”
08. Ki:Theory “Enjoy The Silence”
09. Johnny Jewel “Free Fall”
10. Gary Numan “Bed of Thorns”
11. Johnny Jewel “The Key”
12. Kenji Kawai “Utai IV Reawakening”

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