The International Space Station's On-Board Robot Has A Favorite Band (It's Kraftwerk)

The International Space Station’s On-Board Robot Has A Favorite Band (It’s Kraftwerk)

And its favorite song is "The Man-Machine"

Back in July of this year, Kraftwerk gave perhaps one of their most cosmic performances ever. The legendary German electronic outfit was performing at Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart when astronaut Alexander Gerst joined the band for a rendition of “Spacelab”, broadcasting directly from the International Space Station to help out on lead synthesizer.

It was the kind of performance to win the hearts of fans all over the world, including, it seems, even those of artificial intelligence. In a new video from the ISS, Gerst catches up with the onboard robot CIMON. During their conversation, the bot professes a great admiration for the Düsseldorf band. When asked by Gerst to play its favorite song, CIMON blasts “Man-Machine” while floating around in low gravity. Yep, just another regular day flying around Earth’s orbit, then.

Check out the video in full above.