This Video Of Skates On Thin Ice Sounds Kind Of Like A Lost Early-’00s Autechre Track

Scandinavian "wild ice skating" pulls strange, textural sounds out of barely-frozen lakes

At Telekom Electronic Beats, we try to keep you up to date on all of the cutting-edge sounds out there in the world. Most of the time, those come from human (or AI artists), like Clouds or HDMIRROR. Sometimes, however, natural sonic phenomena can be just as forward-thinking.

Case in point: Somewhere in Sweden, some truly “wild ice skaters” decided to skate on the thinnest ice they could possibly find. It may sound delusional and extremely dangerous, and it probably is, but the sounds that they make as they glide across ice that is in some cases two inches thick has an unmistakable resemblance to some of the tracks on Autechre’s experimental MaxMSP-derived Confield LP.

This is of course only the latest in a number of interesting natural sonic phenomena that we’ve catalogued: ice shelfs that sound like doom metal, soothing underwater volcanos and magnetic fields that could easily be played by Rhadoo or Ricardo Villalobos.