The World’s Most Anticipated Video Game Has A New Soundtrack

After years of waiting, No Man’s Sky is finally released next week. And the concept behind the soundtrack is just as interesting as that of the game.

Next week, the world’s most eagerly anticipated game will be released. In no time at all, hundreds and thousands of cumulative hours will be lost exploring the boundless universe of No Man’s Sky. The reason everyone is getting so hot under the collar is because of the unique generative algorithm that birthed the game’s universe. Borrowing techniques from generative music, it means that literally everything you see in No Man’s Sky has been procedurally generated, giving infinite variety to the game in every single way. More specifically, there are 18 quintillion planets in this game all with unique physical characteristics that you get to explore. That means for all intents and purposes, the game’s universe is as endless as our own.

As a little bit of a warm up for the big release day, the game’s soundtrack has just dropped. The aptly titled Infinite Universe is a collection of music from English band 65daysofstatic. It features all the soaring soundscapes and epic guitar lines you would expect from the band. In the game, however, the stems from the soundtrack will also be generatively cut-up and reassembled, creating a unique atmosphere as you explore the deep beyond.

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