They Made A Synthesizer You Can Wear On Your Wrist

They Made A Synthesizer You Can Wear On Your Wrist

"The first synthesizer wristwatch ever made."

Do you wear your love of electronic music proudly on your sleeve? Now you can wear it on your wrist too. At least that’s what the Audioweld Synthwatch is promising in this new Kickstarter campaign.

The Synthwatch is a portable synthesizer with an octave keyboard on its front panel. Its main function is real-time play, which allows you to create and record music and add additional effects through an accompanying app designed for iOS and Android. Used together, the watch and app allow you to sequence, record and store your music.

The Synthwatch can be connected to nearly every kind of speaker or amplifier, so you can play your improvised synth sessions on a proper sound system. Pro tip: rock the Basslet on your other wrist, and get a full soundsystem feel from a completely wearable studio. Check out the video above, then watch in-depth videos on how the Synthwatch works over at the Kickstarter website here.

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