This Video Will Teach You How To Buy '80s Drum Machines

This Video Will Teach You How To Buy ’80s Drum Machines

A definitive guide to getting your hands on some of the best vintage drum sounds.

We cover drum machines a lot. A lot. But we, like most electronic music fans, might get a little too caught up in 808 and 909 fandom. We’ve heard these sounds millions of times, and there are countless other instruments worth setting your sights on if you want to buy a drum machine.

If you’re willing to diversify your drum machine search, look no further than the video above, where Erik “Hawk” Hawkins takes you through an impressive vintage selection from the golden age of drum machine production—the ’80s.

Through the comprehensive discussion, Hawk supplements specific instrument reviews with answers to questions about how to shop for, how much to pay for and why to even bother with vintage drum machines in the first place. Learn about models like the Roland TR-626, Sequential TOM and Boss DR-110, and diversify your knowledge of vintage analog percussion.

Watch the video above. And if you want more videos about drum machines, check out this video from our YouTube channel that explores Arturia’s DrumBrute Impact.

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