The Latest Episode Of Our Podcast Features Vincent Neumann: Therapist By Day, DJ By Night

Vincent Neumann by Hella Wittenberg

We sit down with the Leipzig DJ and psychotherapist to discuss the challenges of excess in club culture.

Club culture has always had a hedonistic streak. In fact, you might say that excess is at the very heart of nightlife’s political and cultural vitality.

But, increasingly, the conversation has shifted towards ways of finding balance—for DJs and revellers alike—between the temptations of a night out and a healthy lifestyle.

Who better to speak to for the next edition of our German-language podcast, then, than Vincent Neumann? The Leipzig DJ works as a psychotherapist by day and an in-demand DJ by night. He has a particularly unique perspective regarding the virtues and risks of club culture, and that’s exactly what we spoke to him about.

In this edition of our TEB podcast, host Gesine Kühne flips the script and puts Neumann in the examination chair. In it, he discuss the changes he’s noticed in club culture across the last few years, tips for how to act in the case of emergencies and how to find balance in life as a touring DJ.

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