Zone Out To The Beautiful Post-Internet Ambience Of Visual Cloaks' New Video

Zone Out To The Beautiful Post-Internet Ambience Of Visual Cloaks’ New Video

"serenitatem" sees the Oregon duo team up with two trailblazers of the Japanese avant-garde.

RVNG Intl. are set to release the 15th instalment of their FRKWYS collaboration series, featuring Visible Cloaks together with two pioneers of the Japanese ’80s and ’90s avant-garde scene.

serenitatem is the first collaboration between environmental musician Yoshio Ojima, pianist Satsuki Shibano and the Portland neo-ambient duo. Sharing an collective interest in aleatoric composition, improvisation and generative music techniques, the four musicians have crafted an intricate album of contemporary ambient music that is the perfect soundtrack to afternoon decompression.

In the lead up to the April 5 release, RVNG has released a video for the track “Anata”. A camera patiently pans around a dreamy and verdant estate as long-decaying piano chords and delicate synth clusters expand and contract, lulling the listener into a space of utter relaxation.

Watch the video above, and hear the equally beautiful “Stratum” below. You can pre-order the record here. And to see our 11 best Japanese ambient-pop tracks, hand-picked by Visible Cloaks, head here.