You’ll Never Guess What This New Didgeridoo Fiddle Hybrid Is Called

Now that's what we call circular bowing.

We have come across some pretty weird instruments in our time—synth’s blown like a harmonica and modulars controlled from a piece of fabric come to mind—but nothing matches the sheer absurdity of the Fiddleridoo. The name explains it all, really: take one part fiddle, one part didgeridoo, amplify it, and you’ve got yourself one insane electroacoustic instrument.

The Fiddleridoo was built by musician and instrument designer Andy Graham, who has previously worked on strange concoctions like the Slaperoo Electric Tuned Percussion Instrument and the Electric Spring Doorstop. With this in mind, a stringed didgeridoo kind of seems like the next logical step. Nevertheless, it makes for some hypnotic watching and listening, which you can check out in full above.