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The Field loops his state of mind

The Field loops his state of mind The Field is to release his second album on Kompakt this October and for the first time vocal samples have been added to the swirling mists of ambient pulses and gently progressing loops crafted by Axel Wilner. With his debut album From Here We Go Sublime making several best albums of the decade lists, and the follow up Yesterday & Today equally well received, Looping State of Mind will continue to explore vistas of gently undulating loops that ebb and flow to form a complex yet sublte narrrative.

Looping State Of Mind will be released 24th October on Kompakt.


01 Is This Power
02 It’s Up There
03 Burned Out
04 Arpeggiated Love
05 Looping State Of Mind
06 Then It’s White
07 Sweet Slow Baby

Forthcoming Shows:

12 August Cannes, FR @ Pantiero Festival
18 August Berlin, DE @ Festaal Kreuzberg
3 September Pescara, IT @ Nextech Festival
6 October Utrecht, NL @ Ekko Festival
10 December Minehead, UK @ ATP – Nightmare Before Christmas

Published August 10, 2011.