The Revenge to release new album of edits

The Revenge to release new album of edits

Graeme Clarke was undoubtedly the hardest working man in house/disco last year. With releases from numerous aliases including The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, OOFT and Burnt Island Casuals, Graeme knocked up releases on labels such as NeedWant, Under The Shade, Delusions of Grandeur, Permanent Vacation, Jisco, MCDE, and Instruments of Rapture to name but a few.

Now The Revenge is preparing the release of his forthcoming album ReekinStructions coming out on Z Records which features 10 reconstructed productions, the style from which he made his name.

The album features 10 classic Revenge re-works of long forgotten disco and funk gems, all reworked for 2011 by the man with the Midas touch.


  1. Mid-Air – Ease Out (The Revenge edit)
  2. Johnny Adams – Feel The Beat (The Revenge edit)
  3. Sargeant & Malone – Love Message (The Revenge edit)
  4. Velvet Hammer – Party Down (The Revenge edit)
  5. The Joneses – Summer Groove (The Revenge edit)
  6. Chapter Three – Smurf Trek (The Revenge edit)
  7. Electric Smoke – Freak It Out (The Revenge edit)
  8. Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro (The Revenge edit)
  9. Vance & Suzanne – I Cant Get Along Without You (The Revenge edit)
  10. Nel Oliver – Dream On (The Revenge edit)

The Revenge’s ReekinStructions will be out 25th April on Z Records.