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Theophany Low: God of Digital & Floral

Published on September 8, 2011 17:06 Berlin Time

Theophany Low: God of Digital & Floral If you’ve ever explored the byways of the modern digital art world, you’ve probably seen Theophany Low‘s work. The French artist creates unmistakable CGI collages of cultural icons both classic and current. It’s his current work, however, that most captures the imagination. Combining the structure of manmade materials with still-living plants, he uses the fascination of life and death to create something not quite either. Low’s installation of a gigantic, leafy upside-down cross in his hometown of Nice set tongues wagging, and his most recent work, a large yin-yang wreath constructed of flowers, is a marvel to behold. That’s not to say his digital art is dull; on the contrary, it’s complex, beautiful, and perfectly in tune with the Now. His recent cover art for Black Bvs Records is a gleaming collage of punk-studded chrome, marble statues, and crustacean shell. This is the visual DNA of our times.