Todd Selby swim shorts

Todd Selby swim shorts Swim shorts with cat heads on them. It’s really not more complicated than that, so why am I craving these so badly? Maybe it’s their weirdo appeal: strut down the beach in these and all eyes will be drawn toward you. Maybe it’s the involvement of Todd Selby, he of the excellent creative home decor photography site The Selby. God knows that’s been an inspiration for my own personal decor choices for a while. It might just be the idea of semi-exclusivity; these bad boys are limited edition at Topman and likely to be gone by the time the weather starts to shift. Whatever the case, these friendly felines are probably the most amazing junk-coverers you can get for your next pool party.

My girlfriend said she won’t go anywhere near me if I have these on though, so if you hit the sand this summer and you see a be-catted bro all by his lonesome, say hello.