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Tri Angle’s Robin Carolan to release solo EP

Tri Angle's Robin Carolan to release solo EP Tri Angle are one of those record labels whose releases are always worth a listen; and this year, the slow-mo, dark’n’hazy aesthetic that they have pioneered was more in tune with the Zeitgeist than ever before; a fact underlined by the label when they put out an instrumental EP by Clams Casino in the summer. The other albums released by Tri Angle this year, though, were even better: Manchester producer Holy Other‘s gauzy, beautiful With U, Water Border‘s next-level-goth Harbored Mantras, and the genre-defying dronescapes of Ayshay‘s WARN-U.

The driving force behind this imprint is Mr. Robin Carolan. Before launching Tri Angle he already had quite a history in music, working as a journalist while living in New York and organizing shows at the Museum of Modern Art. He was a writer for the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog where he gave in-depth coverage to some of the bands he would later sign to the label. Now Carolan is getting ready to drop his own debut EP Ballad under the moniker Lie, a five-track record out on March 26. That’s the cover art above, and the tracklist is below. Given Carolan’s love of pop and R&B as well as darker sounds, we’re fully expecting to love this.

Lie – Ballad EP
1. Móðir
2. In Trees (Aokigahara)
3. Bedroom
4. Ballad
5. We Fade

Published December 20, 2011.