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tubalr YouTube Jukebox

Published on January 3, 2012 14:10 Berlin Time

It seems we are all addicted to YouTube, but the site’s frontpage is neither nicely designed nor are the ads or recommendations particularly helpful or entertaining. That’s why there’s a new app called tubalr which is here to help you keep up with YouTube and all of the other online services you’ve probably been enjoying lately like Apple’s iCloud, Google Music and Grooveshark. Tubalr is a beautifully-designed, minimal website by Cody Stewart that will let you search for and listen to music on YouTube without any of the clutter. Tubalr is a simple app that basically makes a playlist out of YouTube videos based on a musician or band you like. Tubalr gives you the option to generate a playlist that contains only music from the artist you choose or the app will recommend music from similar artists. More of this, please. Have a look at tubalr here.