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Tyler The Creator releases new video

Published on October 12, 2011 11:20 Berlin Time

Tyler The Creator releases new video These days it seems like Tyler, the Creator can’t fart without people tweeting about it. Does it sound cheesy to say we miss the days when he was more ‘underground’? Certainly it’s good when artists get recognition, but it seems that with every new bit of fame, the Odd Future crew get slightly less weird and slightly more insufferable. Check the new vid for ‘Bitch Suck Dick’, for example. Lots of ‘WHOA LOOK HOW RANDOM WE’RE BEING!’ shots as they parody different styles of TV shows. Unlike the simplistic, artistic nihilism of ‘Yonkers’, it just comes across as forced. Then again, maybe looking for artistic merit in a video called ‘Bitch Suck Dick’ is silly anyway. Decide for yourself: