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Videodrome #14 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #14 - This week's best videos 1. Teebs – Moments (directed by Paul Trillo)

Beautiful video for “Moments” off TeebsArdour LP which continues to remain my go-to record for lazy late night talks and lucid dreams.


2. Excepter – The Open Well (directed by Anna Maria Helgadóttir)

Love this track, which is a selection from Excepter‘s 17-hour performance at Monkey Town on Election Day 2008. Their long awaited new album “OD” will be out soon via Paw Tracks.


3. Machinedrum – GBYE (directed by Machinedrum)

Machinedrum’s latest solo effort in “Room(s)” does not disappoint. “GBYE” is fast proving to be one of my favorite tracks of 2011 as a blissful headphone escape.


4. Spank Rock – DTF DADT (directed by Scott & Karl along with Spank Rock)

“So you wanted a hit mothafucka? POP!” This is electronica + grinding hip hop beats off Spank Rock’s “Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar” album due in September via his own imprint Bad Blood Records.


5. Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers (directed by Synesthesiae Films)

Get ready for Hud Mo’s new album, “Satin Panthers” by watching the galactic promo clip, made by Synesthesiae Films. Make sure to check his five track EP which is out now via Warp.


6. Lil B – R.I.P. The Rap Game (dir.?)

The King of Blogs Lil B just buried the rap-game with his lastest drop from his “I’m Gay” album. Eat this: “My gun got all peanut butter, I don’t never jam…”.


7. Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (directed by Megan Sharp)

Following his compelling 2010 debut and remixes for the likes of Gold Panda and Glasser, Throwing Snowreturns with emerging vocal talent Py. Their collaborative “Wallow EP” is out now on Super Recordings.


8. iamamiwhoami – Clump (dir.?)

First not-entirely-creepy video from Jonna Lee’s iamamiwhoami project. “Clump” offers a nice, relaxed feeling while still continuing the series’ trend of attractive visuals. Long live iamamiwhoami.


9. Classixx – Into the Valley (directed by Marcus Herring)

Bristol producers Julio Bashmore did a complete facelift for LA’s Classixx track Into the Valley. The remix turns out as a match made in heaven.


10. Azari & III – Manic (directed by James Henry)

This has a great vibe. But I’ve been trying to decide if any of the remixes are better than the original. But I don’t think they are.

Published August 09, 2011.