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Videodrome #19 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #19 - This week's best videos Welcome to our latest video selection with Neon Indian, Aphex Twin, Balam Acab, Battles, SBTRKT and many more.

1. Balam Acab – Now Time (directed by John Hinckley)

So calming and peaceful. The way the song matches up perfectly with the video, like it was written for it. I’m not quite sure if this is an official video or not, but nonetheless it’s amazing.


2. Battles – My Machines (directed by Daniels)

New video for ‘My Machines below (featuring Gary Numan)’ taken from Battles‘ new album Gloss Drop. Kinda cool concept by directing-team Daniels, featuring a guy eternally falling down an escalator.


3. Creepy Marbles – k1ll zon3 b4by 2 dop3 2 fre$h (directed by backwoods baglady)

The press-release starts with: “Once upon a nightcrime…”. And there’s nothing more to add. Watch the crazy video and explore Creepy Marble‘s crime.


4. Aphex Twin – Threnody For The Victims of Hiroshima (Live video Wroclaw, Polan, sept.10, 2011)

This was just recorded two days ago. One of the rare opounities to see the Aphex live. Still cutting-edge, though the audio quality sucks monkey nuts.


5. High Places – Altos Lugares (directed by High Places)

Do not adjust your computers: High Places’ video for ‘Altos Lugares’ is all slow-mo video effects where the group disappears and reappears at random, and your Internet speed is probably just fine. The new album Original Colors will be out in november.


6. SBTRKT – Pharaohs ft. Roses Gabor (directed by Tim Brown)

One of my favorite tracks off SBTRKT’s self-titled album, so I’m damn happy it’s gotten the video treatment. So enjoy a bit of visual stimulation to accompany your aural pleasures.


7. Det lilla extra – En enda röst (dir.?)

Witch House or Drone? Who cares. Det lilla extra are from Umeå, Sweden. Någon som vet mer?


8. Silje Nes – Flø (directed by Blank Blank)

A little video made by Blank Blank, filmed over 24 hours in an interesting aspect ratio. But what about the dirt on the lense, bro?


9. Neon Indian – Polish Girls (directed by Tim Nackashi)

We are always looking forward for new Neon Indian videos. The blippy, synth-powered love song now has a fresh film to go with it made by Tim Nackashi.


10. Beirut – Santa Fe (directed by Sunset Television)

The just released music video for Beirut’s sunny, Magnetic Fields-indebted single ‘Santa Fe’ is sad and funny and odd, like something out of a Fellini movie.

Published September 13, 2011.