Videodrome #23 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #23 - This week's best videos Our usual Videodromer Moritz is out of the office this week, so today I’ll be your guide to some of EB’s favorite new videos! You got something cool to drink and maybe snack on? Sweet, let’s do this.

1. M83 – Midnight City

Finally, a video for the best track off Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. No sexy+sassy teens in this one, Kids World is here and they have some messed-up mind powers. I think it’s set in the ’80s too.

2. AIDS Wolf – Like PSHTS of Aerosol

Siiiiccckkkk new visuals for a cut off their new LP Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde on Lovepump. Love these kids. Psychedelic rager.

3. High Places – Sophia

You check the new HP album yet? Pretty damn good. Press play to watch Telepathe‘s Busy Ganges horse around doing stretches or whatever.

4. Kindness – Cyan

Kinda neat to watch this guy walking past a lot of NYC places that I used to walk past before I moved to Berlin. Dude reminds me of a friend of mine but with way better hair.

5. HTRK – Bendin’

Another amazing new one from this Australian duo. Ominous and beautiful b&w visuals set to throbbing cold electronics.

6. Ferrer & Hommen – No Difference – Objektivity

Who Framed Ferrer & Hommen? Uhhh the director I guess. Cartoon Bunnyhouse as the new microgenre? At least it’s not truckhouse (SALEM’s last video I’m looking at you.)

7. Acid Glasses – Jpeg Hoarder

Shuffling lo-fi pop set to TV commercials and carnival footage from Past Times. I figured something called ‘Jpeg Hoarder’ would be way more crazier and modern, like this maybe.

8. Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner

Cinematic and dreary (in a good way), a mood that perfectly encapsulates Dirty Beaches’ Suicide-esque sleazevibez.

9. Isa GT – Leyenda

This is the first Isa GT track I’ve heard, and I’m really into it. Trippy Latin-flavored minimalism with rough vocals; kind of reminds me of the less atonal No Wave stuff.

10. Ambassadeurs – Ain’t That Peculiar

The style on this one makes you feel like you’re watching an commercial for a car or something for your home office but actually it’s a music video. Here ya go.

11. Actual Pain – Faul 2011

Not exactly a music video, this promo for Actual Pain’s new fall line features cool kids in rad clothes hanging out to music from Jonny Teardrop, which is always good. Bonus points for the visuals not being more repurposed ’70s/’80s footage.

12. Morris Cowan and Duncan Edward Jones – Thermal

It’s kind of a trippy day today, huh?