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Videodrome #33 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #33 - This week's best videos #1 Hollow Pigeons – 1996

It’s kind of ironic that this EP is named Birthdays, seeing as how Ryan Dela Cruz has had so few. He’s a 15 year old Canadian!


#2 jj – How I Need You

Stockholm duo jj continue to release random material in support of their awaited new album that (we believe) will go under the name of V.


#3 Lana Del Rey- Off to the races

Women show then men who’s boss in Lana Del Rey’s found-footage video for her new joint ‘Off to the Races’, taken from the forthcoming Born To Die.


#4 Com Truise – Vhs sex

Fan video made by Marta Giec for Com Truise which really captures that nostalgic feel. Makes you want to go back in time.


#5 Leaving – Alecks

These dudes called Leaving making some nice tunes… I am thinking he might be the next Campfire Headphase artist.


#6 Taragana pyjarama – Rgegege

Taragana Pyjarama is 22 year old Nick Eriksen from Denmark, and this is about the extent of the information I can find about this band. It’s pretty sick though. Basically chillwave, sans the lo-fi aesthetic…


#7 Ssaliva – Savaan

Ssaliva‘s ‘Thought Has Wings’ tape on Leaving Records was another fav’ from 2011 and those pleasent beats seem to be continued on this new Vlek Records release.


#8 CAT CAT CAT – Simply Superb

Just amazing and a nice ungoogleble name. This is the future.


#9 Samoyed – a small good thing

Scottish bro Andrew Samoyed is about to return with ‘A Small Good Thing’ which is coming out via Lukid’s Glum label early next year.


#10 The Caretaker – A relationship with the sublime

If you haven’t already heard this album you definitely need to check it out. Perfect for a late night and bottle of wine.

Published December 28, 2011.