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Watch Beroshima talk music production

Watch Beroshima talk music productionWhen I produce a track, I don’t have a rule for how to start“, explains Frank Müller aka Beroshima during his interview with Electronic Beats Slices Magazine. For the latest issue of the Slices DVD, the German producer gave us a deep insight into his studio routine

Watch the new feature right here on EBnet and check out why Beroshima got rid of his Roland TR-909, why the PPG synthesizer is his fountain of youth as well as how and why he produces on his latest essential toy, Apple’s iPad.

You can already watch a whole bunch of Slices DVD features here on EBnet, we’ll be adding a new episode every monday. Or have a look at our webshop, where you can order single DVDs of or subscribe to Slices Magazine for postage and packing price only.

Published July 18, 2011.