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Watch the ‘Polaroyced’ music video by Mouse On Mars

Watch the 'Polaroyced' music video by Mouse On Mars It’s here: Parastrophics, the new album by Mouse On Mars, out February 22 on Monkeytown – we here at Electronic Beats have been quite excited since the first news was out in November 2011. We visited them at the studio for an in-depth studio-gear interview, we’ve been to their live show at Berghain, we received a nice but disturbing MOM noise mix and we’ll have them guesting the Electronic Beats Radio Sessions on the 1st of March.

Now there’s a golden music video for ‘Polaroyced’, directed and shot by Berlin-hailing designer Jan Bitzer from 3D design collective and studio Polynoid, watch below:

EB editor Walter W. Wacht caught up with Bitzer for an interview on the video shoot:

What was the initial idea for the ‘Polaroyced’ music video?
The initial idea came from Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner. For ‘Polaroyced’ they imagined a video that takes place in the streets of Los Angeles, but not the stereotypical views like Sunset strip or Venice Beach. They had this vision of a pitiful dancer in a golden Lucha Libre mask, who simply does his thing. I then adopted that idea and developed it from there since I thought if there is gold involved, why not ‘goldify’ everything that surrounds him.

Where did you shoot the clip?
We shot on two locations in West L.A. and Venice. There is so many awesome alley side streets all over L.A., the only problem was finding the right street orientation to get a nice ‘golden hour’ kind of light situation.

How was the ‘Polaroyced’ music video produced? What tools did you use?
We shot with 2 DSLRs, pretty much guerilla style, since we had to work with a limited budget. But then again, all the imperfection that resulted out of the way we shot it adds to the general feel of the video. After that we went into post production, starting with the edit in Premiere. For everything CG we use Softimage and Compositing was done in Digital Fusion.

How did the French Bulldog end up in the video?
Her name is Cowgirl and she’s my girlfriends dog. Actually, I can’t really remember how she ended up in the video, I think I just thought that she has a very expressive face that cracks us up every day so I thought that everybody should have the pleasure to enjoy it. During the editing we then realized that she has to play a bigger role which is that of the wizard that connects the two ‘polaroyced’ worlds. Consequently, this resulted in her taking overflights as a huge golden statue.

Do you have a personal connection to Mouse On Mars as artists?
If by that you mean do I dig their music? Yes! Always been a huge admirer of them. So for me it’s a very cool thing that Andi now drops by frequently at our studio to sit down, smoke cigarettes and chat. I didn’t have any contact to them before though. That was established through a mutual friend, Michael Fakesch (aka Funkstörung), who connected us for the production of the video.

Catch up with Mouse On Mars during one of their upcoming live shows.

Published February 27, 2012.