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Water Borders release LP details and new track

Published on July 14, 2011 15:18 Berlin Time

Water Borders release LP details and new track We’ve been on Water Borders since they first emerged last year from the ashes of the No Wave-inspired New Thrill Parade. The SanFran duo clearly have a love for the past as well, with influences that touch on industrial and noise legends like Coil, early Death In June and Swans. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a retro-rehash, however; Water Borders are equally inspired by Rinse FM. After releasing a cassette, 12″ single and an EP, they’re finally ready to drop their debut. Harbored Mantras is a strong album, with the tribal drums, heavy beats and emotive, doom-laden vocals of their influences, but backed with production that harks to the modern. We’ve already heard an unmastered version of the beautiful ‘Feasting On Mongeese’ earlier this year; now listen to the echoing drip of ‘What Wiwant’. Download it here, and check the tracklisting below.

1. Tread On Them
2. What Wiwant
4. Bad Ethos
5. Even In The Dark
6. Feasting On Mongeese
7. See Bank
8. Miners
9. Antechamber