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White Car releasing debut LP

White Car releasing debut LP White Car, the Chicago duo of Elon Katz and Orion Martin, have finally announced a debut LP. We’ve been slavering for this ever since we heard their wonderful No Better EP last year. Reminiscent of classic acts like Shriekback as well as contemporaries Gatekeeper and TENSE, White Car combine the cold, bleak pulse of industrial dance with post-punk funk and touches of minimal disco that make us cream, scream and pound the floor.

Everyday Grace is set to drop February 28th of ’12 via Hippos In Tanks; check the teaser video below and stream/download ‘Now We Continue’ here.

Everyday Grace
1. Victim Of Time
2. Terminal Body
3. Statues In Mist
4. Slime The Dog
5. Feed Me
6. The Factor
7. In The Second Month Of The Year
8. Artifacts
9. She The Bodiless
10. When
11. Now We Continue

Published December 21, 2011.