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White Horse delivers another evil remix

White Horse delivers another evil remix We’ve been on White Horse‘s latest stuff all summer; his recent album The Revenant Gospels Vol. III blends the voices of long-dead musicians with heavy, pulsing beats. His mixtape Revelations & Trash was a thugged-out, drugged-out concoction mashing up the underground sounds of groups like Gatekeeper and Death In June with stuff from Waka Flocka Flame and Method Man. Truly sick, truly wonderful. Now the LA producer, who’s also known for his work in the apocalyptic noisefolk group Chelsea Wolfe, has dropped a new remix for us. Taking the light pop of SanFran group Nesting Models, he twists the vocals into something a bit more ghostly, adding fuzzed-out bass for a simple yet effective vibe-downer.

Published September 16, 2011.