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With Spring, comes Springfestival

With Spring, comes Springfestival Forget about lilies of the valley or whatever comes to your mind when you think about spring. From now on and until the end of time your first association with spring should be Springfestival, where the first warm shafts of sunlight bask upon your pale winter skin.

Like years past the list of artists featured at Springfestival is excellent and seemingly never-ending. From UK to Germany, from dubstep to bass, from Skream & Benga to Modeselektor, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride around the world. We are very proud and super-excited to be part of this festival, as we (yeah, we) are going to be hosting the opening night’s festivities (you don’t know how hard it is not to be able to share that lineup with you quite yet…).

But there is much more to the Springfestival. One of our favorite parts aside from the music is a series of talks called Springsessions, and from our experience last year where we (against all odds) got up every morning to listen to fabulous speakers like Evan Roth, we cannot wait for this years talks. New York visual-artist Shantell Martin will be there, as well as Werner Jauk, among many others…

Be there.

Published March 09, 2012.