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Wolfey and Hanetration- new faces /new music

Published on January 26, 2012 13:19 Berlin Time

Wolfey and Hanetration- new faces /new music A brace of new producers today offering up some very agreeable music to wrap around your ears. First up is Hanetration who hails from London. The Tenth Oar EP is free to download (get it below) and contains four tracks of compressed fuzz and dense reverberations that would make for a perfect accompaniment on headphones whilst you wander deserted, post-apocalyptic streets. Then there is Wolfey, a Canadian who sent us his Sleep Country E.P on his own label Blenheim & Celtic. More ingrained with club music’s DNA (he DJ’s too) Sleep Country is a woozy syrup of bittersweet synths and mournful drum machines that could send us to sleep like a baby. Both artists tip their hat to Burial but each has managed to infuse their ethereal creations with their own personality. Hence why we are telling you about them, because no one likes a rip off right?

Download both E.Ps for free below.

Tenth Oar EP by Hanetration

Sleep Country by W O L F E Y