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10 of Montenegro’s Top DJs and Producers

Here are 10 DJs and producers who represent Montenegro's rich house and techno scene at local warehouse raves, regional festivals and international nightclubs.

When you think of vibrant electronic music scenes, Montenegro isn’t often the first place that springs to mind. But the subculture has at one point or another incorporated warehouse raves, open air all-nighters near the Cijevna River waterfalls, packed nightclubs and illegal parties in the outskirts of Podgorica, the capital city and location of the next Electronic Beats Festival. In fact, the country has a surprisingly rich legacy of producers, DJs and tight-knit collectives like Beat At Joe’s and the fresh-faced Techno Klinika. Here are 10 DJs and producers who hail from Montenegro and have in some way contributed to the local vibe, whether they’ve taken their talents abroad or continued to build the scene on their home turf.